Live Video for Your Business

Shooting, starring in and publicising live video for your business is terrifying right? I mean you’re no Spielberg! OK…you might not be Spielberg, but live video for your business is not necessarily something that needs to keep you awake at night.

Whether you’re using Facebook Live, Periscope or any number of the other emerging live video platforms online, there are some simple tips worth keeping in mind.



Live video can feel like an unstructured format…but it doesn’t need to. Yes, of course there’s an element of anything can happen, but keeping key elements consistent will add a structure. Make viewers feel familiar with what you’re producing. Try, where possible, to use the same host for every video.

People watched Gay Byrne on the Late Late Show religiously. They expected to see him. On weeks when he wasn’t there, the replacement was in his seat. There was a structure that the public were comfortable with. It might sound almost too safe, but when you’re dipping your toes in the water, think small steps!


If you’re not going to interact with your viewers…then why go live? Just shoot a traditional video. That will take the panic of being live out of the equation…but it also takes away your ability to make meaningful connections. If you’re going to shoot live video, embrace live video. You won’t regret it.


Everyone has a favourite TV or radio host. Watch or listen to them carefully. Try to pick up how they say what they say, but remember, take inspiration, don’t imitate. If you’re going to try replicate someone else, you’re not bringing anything new and your relevance drops to zero.

Live video is still something that’s relatively new. It has yet to produce any stars like YouTube and Snapchat has. It’s a long shot…but your business could be that star! If you want to try it, FCDM want to help! Contact us here for more information.

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Google AdWords Top Tips

Google AdWords is one of the most effective advertising platforms on the planet. If you want to get your business in front of online customers, then Google AdWords is ideal. If you need AdWords help, FCDM can help. Here are some Google AdWords Top Tips from our experienced team.

As with any form of advertising, it’s important to invest your time and money wisely. Before you start a Google AdWords campaign, try to gain as much knowledge on the service as is practical. Understand how much you’re spending, where you’re spending it, what the results are likely to be and how the investment can help your business grow.

Using Google AdWords, you can encourage users to engage with your brand regardless of what your goal is. The most common goals would include encouraging a user to:

  • Take action on your website.
  • Visit your store.
  • Call your business.
  • Install your app.


Regardless of what your goal is, there are some basic rules of thumb that will help deliver return on investment for your business via Google AdWords.


Select keywords that fit with the product/service that you’re offering. Choosing good keywords will help you target the right people. Use Googles Keyword Planner to help make sure you’re using effective keywords.


Every business is going to have a different target audience. Google AdWords allows you to select who sees your ad depending on lots of variables including their gender, location, age and even the types of sites they visit.


Pay close attention to how your ad performs. Take note of what device you’re getting a response from. A bid adjustment on that, or on location, or any other element of your campaign can deliver big results.


As above, make sure to pay attention to what platform/device a user is using to interact with your ad. If a high percentage of your impressions are coming from mobile, make sure that your ad looks perfect on mobile. Paying attention to the small things will make all the difference.


It’s worth using Google Bid Simulator to see estimates of your results before physically making the bid. You can find the simulators on the Ad Groups and Keywords tabs. Study your competitors and add helpful columns such as ‘estimated first page bid’ to quickly and easily make sure you’re bidding in an intelligent fashion.

If you’d like help with your Google AdWords, or would like to discuss options, feel free to contact FCDM here.

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At FCDM, we take your privacy seriously and will only use your personal information to administer your account and to provide information to you about the services that you have requested from us through our contact form.

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Online Reputation Management. Why is it Important?

Customers have changed. That’s just a fact. The way they consume media has changed them…but also the way they have access to information has changed them. It has become rare that a customer does not study a business online before deciding to purchase from them. A bad TripAdvisor review? That can be hurtful to your business. That’s what makes online reputation management so important.

It’s important to manage (as best you can) your reputation online. It’s never been more important to generate positive reviews. In the past, the online critic from a national newspaper could do serious damage to an eatery. Now, ‘Tom from two towns over’ can cause damage to any business he chooses.

With keyboard warriors hiding behind every corner of the internet and the success of public review sites, it’s simply not always going to be possible to avoid negative reviews. Remember, online reputation management is not about getting good reviews constantly.



What is online reputation management?

So what is online reputation management about? It’s about making the most of positive reviews. Does your website feature client testimonials? People rate their peer’s opinions, so if you get good reviews put them front and centre on your website, your social media channels and beyond, into print media or even ask yourself if that beautiful testimonial you’ve just gotten would make a great radio ad?

Some comments are always going to get by you. I’m sure you regularly check your feedback on social media and via your website, which of course you should, but don’t forget about other outlets. Bloggers with their own sites for example. Comments made on third party sites. The list is endless.

There are several tools out there that will help with this task. If we were to recommend one, we’d say use Google Alerts. This free Google tool allows you set up email alerts for specific keywords. If your business is called “Purple Window”, you can set an alert for that exact phrase and Google will send you an email with a link to any online article that features it. It’s an extremely easy way to monitor your company’s reputation online, and let’s face it, reputation is everything.

If you’d like more information or some help with your company’s online reputation management, or any aspect of your digital strategy, contact FCDM here.