FCDM – Delivering elevated brand experiences for trade shows

Written by Deirdre Keon on 26th February 2019

Three seconds . . . That is the time that your trade show stand has to grab a viewer’s attention.

At FCDM, our talented graphic design team understand that your exhibition stand must be designed exceptionally well to ensure that it communicates the right message quickly. Additionally, it is vital that visitors to the stand appreciate it’s detail and respond or retain its key messaging.

Whether you have an idea for an exhibition stand or need help developing a concept, our team of seasoned designers are up for the challenge. We follow the industry’s latest trends and guidelines, resulting in stunning trade show stands that inspire and leave a positive lasting impressions.

So how does our graphic design team achieve this?

Our team begin developing the signage firstly to ensure that it allows you to tell your brand’s story. The graphics for your trade show stand design are planned strategically based on key messaging points to include:

Brand Identification

This includes logos and company branding, which should be readable from at least 20 feet away.


These graphics draw in visitors to learn more about your offerings and direct them to different parts of your exhibit.


Our team use these graphics to communicate specific details about your products and services and reinforce your call to action. Our talented team also ensure that all of the graphics use fonts, colours, and imagery that is consistent with your brand guidelines and easy to read.

Over the years, we have designed stunning exhibition stands for our clients, who are dotted all around the world with the 3 second rule in mind.

Whether you are attending an industry trade show, hosting a corporate event or just simply need creative design services, our team works strategically to deliver elevated brand experiences that leave a lasting impression.

FCDM have designed exhibition stands for both large and small clients depending on their needs and exhibition requirements, therefore we are certain to be right for your needs!

We offer a full suite of graphic design services at FCDM to include:
• Press Adverts
• Brochure design
• Leaflets and Flyers design
• Logo Design and brand identity
• Pull Up banner design
• Business card design

Contact us today to start you own trade show stand design project!