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Key Factors to Online Success

What is the question that our team at FCDM get asked the most when meeting a client?

Well no matter who the client is and what industry they come from, the one aspect of the conversation always revolves around the most effective means of achieving online success. Everyone has a different definition of success. It could be securing 100 bookings per month or it could be 3 potential client contacting the business in any given day.

In order to achieve online success and grow your business, we recommend all of their clients follow these three simple and easy steps.FCDM-Online-Sucess-300x200-300x200

User Experience

It is important when designing your new website, you must consider the user experience, above all else. When doing this, you will need to eliminate as many problem areas as possible and ensure that your potential customers convert and can easily navigate from the homepage to the desired destination. At FCDM, our design team, aim to deliver outstanding visual design, coupled with a top class user experience, that will bring proven commercial results. At FCDM, our design team will create a new website that will engage, inform and immerse visitors.

Effective SEM Strategy

SEO is the foundation on which every Search Engine Marketing strategy is built upon. At FCDM, we firmly believe that keyword research is the optimal way to determine the highest volume search terms for your industry. Doing this will also help focus your online activity, resulting in continuity across all mediums.

Google AdWords (PPC) is a key tool for driving traffic and gaining invaluable exposure. It allows you to display your product or service, the very moment someone is searching for it. FCDM are Google Partners, meaning that we have been certified by Google and we work closely with them to achieve the best possible results for our clients.

Analytical Analysis

Every online marketing campaign needs to be tracked and monitored in order to make it successful. After planning and implementation, analytical tools are necessary so as to calculate the ROI of a particular campaign. Analytical Analysis is key to driving online success. FCDM provide monthly reports with insight into users, clicks, page views, session durations, top landing pages etc.

If you are interested in learning more about how FCDM can help your business succeed online, contact a member of our business development team today.

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