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Name of the Company: Athlone Veterinary Hospital

Melanie Revins, FCDMThe end result is a beautiful and user friendly website which has greatly increased Athlone Vets online presence. The implementation of call to action buttons on their new website has seen increased enquiries and boosted revenues.

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Company background:

Athlone Vets were established in the summer of 1989, and are a registered veterinary hospital as awarded by the Irish Veterinary Council. At this moment in time, Athlone Vets has four veterinary surgeons, three nurses, three secretarial staff and one pet groomer. They offer a full range of services for your pets, which can be seen on their new website.

What FCDM did:

Athlone Vets became a client of FCDM in 2014. We were delighted to start working with their veterinary clinic on the design of their new website. We worked in close partnership with Athlone Vets in order to design them a website that was informative, friendly and inviting. We created and designed new images which work really well on a veterinary clinic website. The website is both extremely user friendly, and visually appealing.

The new website contains all the appropriate menus for each type of animal they treat, who Athlone Vets are, their current staff information, and plenty of call to action buttons. We also provided tailor made website SEO (Search Engine Optimisation), and branded images for their social media page.
Both FCDM and Athlone Vets couldn’t have been happier with how everything turned out, and we are always on standby if they ever need any help or advice.

  • Design of new website
  • Tailored SEO
  • New website images
  • New branded social media images
  • Call to action forms
  • Website advice


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