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FCDM has helped hundreds of businesses get online and increase sales. We believe that eCommerce solutions can be a true extension of shopping in the physical world and we ensure that our customers reap the full benefits.

By combining our extensive eCommerce experience, which has s boosted online sales for companies across Ireland, the UK, US and the Middle East, our experienced at FCDM have helped businesses adapt to the changing retail landscape.


It isn’t just about getting a website and waiting for the sales to come in. So many businesses across the globe have the potential to make a big impact online, but they don’t know how to move to the next gear.

At FCDM, we continue to assist a large portfolio of retailers around the globe to adapt to the changing retail landscape by maximising online sales opportunities, in order to meet the changing needs of their diverse customer base.

We are always interested in meeting with new businesses who are looking to grow and capitalise on the opportunities presented by the growth of the digital economy.

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