Mobile Website Design

With the world wide adoption of smartphones and tablet devices, websites are now seeing on average between 30/40% of all traffic coming from these devices.

The customer’s journey has changed, It now often starts on a desktop, continues on a mobile device and ends up on a tablet.
Mobile Website DesignEach part of the customer journey needs to be catered to and if the customer finds it difficult to make a purchase or find information, they will simply leave your website and go somewhere else, somewhere that understands the customer journey and casters to their changing search patterns.


People consume information in different ways on these devices, FCDM understand this and produce websites that are responsive to the rapidly changing world wide web.”

User experience is everything when it comes to these devices and if customers receive a good experience no matter what device they are on, they are more likely to come back and become loyal customers.

All FCDM websites come with responsive or Mobile Website Design, we believe this gives our customers the best chance of succeeding online and insures that all our customers are on trend and continue to succeed online no matter what device their customers shop or consume information from.


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